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I ‘discovered’ music in the late sixties and my first loves were the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Ten Years After, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Genesis. Strangely enough none of those managed to survive beyond the seventies (at least not without a major change of personnel) but I still look back on those days with the greatest affection.

Then the already established bands, primarily Beatles, Stones and Kinks came on my radar before being introduced to Dylan, Cohen and Bowie who, along with so many others, carried me blissfully through the seventies and beyond.

Since then I’ve delved back into the fifties and sixties and lived through the eighties and nineties. About twenty years ago I figured that the best music was all behind me and the new stuff wasn’t floating my boat.

How wrong can you be! I am now realising that the 21st century has just as much to offer as the fifty years before it and I am enjoying a wonderful voyage of discovery.

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