Jay Jackson / Presenter

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After crawling out of a Petrie Dish back in 1972, Jay has had a varied career, his first job was as a Deck-Chair attendant on Blackpool Promenade, he then joined the British Army and there he stayed for 16 years, and got his first taste of radio presenting with BFBS in Kosovo in 2000.

Jay left the Army 2004. He then went into the Pub game for a couple of years before joining the newly formed Highways Agency in 2006, where he worked on Lancashire’s Motorways as a Traffic Officer for 8 years. In 2014 he decided to give that up and became a self-employed builder.

Whilst he was turning a flat into shop in late 2017 he saw a FB advert from FCR looking for new presenters and The Tuesday Night Rock Show was born.

Off the back of his radio show he got a guest DJ Slot at the famous Tache nightclub in Blackpool which he for 6 months. At the end of 2019, Jay decided that he was too flippin old to continue with being a full time builder, and decided he really REALLY wanted to go back to pulling pints and having banter and eventually his own pub, maybe. He has been doing this since February 2020 in and around a global pandemic and countless lockdowns, still loving it though.

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