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Myk.R began his musical education by listening to various genres on a multi-generational home Stereogram, broadened by Radio Luxembourg and others, listened to on a hip, hand-held transistor radio – the equivalent of a wonky SatNav on the road to musical discovery.

One of the stopping points, on a road akin to that of Robert Frost’s poem, one less travelled – was the basement of Brian London’s 007 Club (then on Topping Street, Blackpool) in the late 70s/80s – ostensibly the birthplace of Blackpool’s ‘Alternative Scene’. Also where, for the first time, Myk dropped vinyl on a pair of decks, an act repeated over the years (nigh on 25 of which were in that there London).

Returning to Blackpool, and the blessed hallows of the 007 (then ‘The Liquid Lounge‘, subsequently ‘Bootleg Social‘) to DJ a packed 30th Anniversary Reunion in 2010.

Back to square one of his playing-to-an-audience musical voyage!


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