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Rish's Musical Odyssey

5:00pm - 8:00pm 

Matthew Branson


Anton Kay

12:00 - 3:00pm

Cowboy Tony


Age: Age 43 (Stage age 32) - Born in sunny Blackpool 43 years ago and raised on a steady diet of summer shows for many years.  Worked at various places and played in many bands that you have probably never heard of.  Music teacher at BMA, Ukulele (4,5,6,7 and 8 string)  and cigar box guitars. A mixture of music from the early 1900 up to modern day.  Specialising in light hearted, comedy and pastiche songs with an occasional serious meaningful song thrown in for good measure.  The perfect way to start your Sunday.   A cocktail of music that will leave you smiling. With music from the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and it’s various off shoots.  Cassablanca Steps. Allan Sherman. Kenneth Williams, The Goodies and many others

Matthew Branson (AKA the Branflake)

Cowboy Tony

If it's country ...then it's Cowboy Tony

The man with the voice - and the show with the choice

The best Country around

With a bit of luck - Tony will be back with us over Xmas, having been away with a serious illness.

9:00am -Mid day 

Sunday Morning with Anton Kay


Rick Lunt - The Uke Man

Matthew has now moved to Cornerstones Christian Radio - His own Radio Station ! We wish him the very best of luck and hope his venture thrives. A sad loss for FCR - a great presenter - and a top bloke. 

Hard to replace - but watch this space - we have someone / something in the wings

8:00 - 9:00am

The Light Programme

Rick Lunt



Tony is currently recovering from a pretty serious illness - Amanda ( mainly )and others  has been sitting in for him - We wish Tony a speedy recovery !

Best friends for over a decade. Twist and Sway are a breath of fresh air across the webberwaves,, with an out of the box approach to the weekly news and a playlist of local signed and unsigned acts from across the Fylde coast and beyond!

 Their goal? To bring all acts from across sea and country together, and provide a place for the little guy to promote from and learn the world to new music. Our goal is for our shows to comprise of 90% unsigned acts, 10% odd news and 200% Awesome. 

 If we aren't playing new music, you'll find us gracing your ears with the best riffs the last few decades  of alternative rock and metal have to offer. 

 You can find us across social media on https://www.facebook.com/finalweekendstand/ and https://twitter.com/finalstandonfcr 

 Be sure to like and follow us for show updates, news and band information through out the week.

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Rish Cleak .

I've been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember.  There are very few types of music that I don't enjoy.  I listen to everything from classical to experimental electronic stuff and I try to reflect this in my programme. The Odyssey is a simple idea, really.  I play music that I like, regardless of age, genre or language.  I only play music that is in my own personal collection, meaning that I am one of the few DJs that still uses actual discs.  If I occasionally have to use a sound file, is because for whatever reason I no longer have that song.  I link a few songs by theme, title or musician, and then move onto something a bit different, again linking songs where I can. Sometimes I will devote an entire programme to a single theme. I spend a lot of time listening to music in preparation for the programme, trying to keep it well balanced with a good mix of different types of music.  I time the songs so I won't overrun or run short in my timeslot and I make notes and check all my facts for my links.  This then all goes to hell once I am in the studio as you hear me forget what I am saying, dry up, play the wrong song and make many other cock ups in the quest for maximum technological incompetency.  Basically, it's the best programme you could ever wish to hear. If you are old enough to remember DJs like John Peel and Andy Kershaw, or if you are a fan of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour or Stuart Maconie's Freakzone, then this is the show for you.  If you have never heard me before, I will bring you aural delights the like of which you have only ever dreamed of.  If you have heard me, then I'm that bloke who plays unpopular unlistenable music by people you've never heard of.
Yes, it has been pointed out that me selections can be a bit obscure, but I will play stuff you might have heard of as well.  Give the Odyssey a go, if you don't like what I'm playing, then hang around because it will change in a song or two's time. Although due to the nature of my show, I cannot take requests on air, feedback, suggestions and requests for future programmes are always welcome.  I look forward to hearing from you..

8.00pm - 10.00pm

Hi ...it's me again ...back here in Studio 1 from Tuesday. Today is a little different to Tuesday - 3 Hours of great music as always - from the 50's to the noughties. First hour we get Sunday off to a gentle start with easy listenening and love songs. Then from ten  we play a sensational smorgasbord of sounds for you. A real big breakfast of music. Every genre - every year.   Requests or dedications are welcome - we take  requests or dedications - Here is where you should be on a Sunday !   Fylde Coast Radio    

3.00pm - 5.00pm

Rish Cleak


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Tony Hardy