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Ian Calvert = Mr.C

Will de Vortex


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Fylde Coast Radio

Trance and Dental with DJ and Producer Grez Turner, bringing you the best in classic and new trance as well some tracks you'll only hear exclusively on the show, and Lloyd the absolute nutter who talks about anything and everything on the dental side.....what the dental decide.

Phil Downie

Notts Landing

09:00 until Noon

      Trance ( Grez )                    &                Dental  ( Lloyd )

Dave Hughes

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5:00pm- 7:00pm 

Shayla Kirkham

11.00 - Midnight

Trance ...And - Dental

One our most most popular shows - Dave Hughes takes you on a movie journey - often nostalgic - visiting music from the movies across the years. As is the norm  with Fylde Coast Radio  - you get some pleasant surprises and unusual tunes - as well as what you might expect

9.00pm - 11.00pm

The Midweek Mashup with Phil Downie

12.00 - 14.00

The Tracks of your Years 

"...for the music you won't hear anywhere else ! "

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My name is Shayla Kirkham. I’m a creative and musical soul passionate about media, art, and the untold stories of the world around us. I’m an aspiring filmmaker, who has gained experience working behind the scenes as a freelance runner. One of the most surprising facts about me is my skill with a bow and arrow… I’m actually a capable archer!

My show, ‘Tracks Of Your Years’ features the very best tunes to have ever graced our airwaves, from the rock-and-roll fifties, all the way to present day. My vinyl hits include tracks from the great David Bowie, Bob Marely, Dobie Grey, Tracy Chapman, and many others. I additionally enjoy unearthing a few hidden gems, and my quiz, ‘Riddle Master’, is sure to give any budding Sherlock Holmes the run-a-round!.

Since late on in high school I've been mad about dance music and living next to Blackpool gave me chance to experience some of the best clubs in the uk. In my 'spare time' I've done mobile djing for about 10 years and then turned to being a sound technician for about 15 years at various theaters. Since school I've always had some form of media for mixing, vinyl, cds or mp3s and love club dance music. In my set i want to play a mix of dance music that you dont hear played on the radio anymore (if ever) from the late 80's onwards. Tunes that bring back memories of going out clubbing in blackpool or get you in the mood for a damn good night out. If you have any dance tracks you would love to hear from the late 80's to mid 90's that you danced to in the clubs, get in touch.

Awaiting Show Info and Bio

7:00 -9:00pm

The Movie Carpet  (rpt ) - with Dave Hughes


2:00PM - 5:00PM