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You are now boarding the 12 o’clock flight to the worlds most epic musical adventure, for two hours... Mr. C is your pilot of the airways.

On Five Decades with Mr. C, I regularly ask listeners to get in touch with requests; birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I have, in the past, also had requests for songs in memory of deceased loved ones, and special events. All via my Facebook page, ‘5 Decades with Mr. C’.

60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s… 50 years of the best music. I play a wide variety of genres including; rock, pop, jazz, rap, reggae, electronica, EDM, easy listening.

I also regularly have a ‘Five Decades Presents …’. This is usually a special, featuring a listener’s favourite group or artist. 

I have interviewed Miss Fylde Coast, Jonathan Ansell of G4, and lastly Steve Pemberton of League of Gentleman.

You can also catch local news, traffic and events, along with hourly weather updates.

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Five Decades with Mr. C crew

Mr. C aka Ian Calvert lives locally on the Fylde Coast. He has lived here for over 20 years.

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