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Tuesday 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

Playful tunes to tickle your musical taste buds

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Drive time show with Jason Alan. Playful tunes to tickle your musical taste buds. An artisan mixer of musical genres to make you happy.

The show is about upbeat tunes to get you started for the evening. A classic mix of tunes from the 70s to current day with a sprinkling of carefully crafted musical mixes that will get you singing out loud and wanting to get your groove on.

Regular features:

  • Triple trackers. 3 songs themed. Either 1 artist and 3 tunes or 3 artists and 1 theme
  • The special DJ mix of the show
  • Nod to a legend(s) A song that showcases a legend of the music industry, either a band or an artist
  • 80s v 90s
  • Chat about something in the news

The show features traffic, weather and news both locally and some national


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